THCA flower offers enthusiasts the chance to finally experience the soaring euphoria of THC (Delta 9 THC, Delta 9, or D9) from hemp flower! Growers bred this unique, all-natural flower to perfection to contain high amounts of THCA hemp, the cannabinoid precursor to THC. Once heated, the THCA converts into THC, which provides consumers with the familiar long-lasting, elevating euphoria that has made Delta 9 THC the world’s most popular cannabinoid! But there’s more to high THCA hemp flower than that.

Let’s examine why this potent thc-a flower can provide enthusiasts with several ways to enjoy the benefits of THCA.

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High THCA flower is a hemp flower rich in THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid. This naturally occurring cannabinoid is the acidic or “raw” form of the more well-known THC. These compounds are found in the cannabis plant. Interestingly THC-A is non-euphoric in its natural acidic state, so it does not cause the effects associated with the more potent THC.

But as most cannabis enthusiasts know, the proper way to enjoy these thca flower is by smoking it. This is where THCA flower separates itself from the typical hemp flower. When heat is applied, a natural chemical process called decarboxylation converts THCA into THC, unlocking the euphoric effects many enthusiasts prefer. When consumed this way, These flowers become the most potent type of hemp flower around.

With THCA flower, you can enjoy it either “raw” or “cooked,” depending on your preferences. This particular hemp flower truly provides enthusiasts with the best of both worlds.


THCA Flower is 100% federally legal. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized all hemp and hemp-derived products as long as they contain 0.3% or less THC. Our THCA hemp Flower contains 0.3% or less Delta 9 THC, making it federally legal and in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill.


THCA, in its unaltered state, will not produce euphoric sensations. This means THCA can be consumed raw for non-euphoric benefits by adding a flower into a cold drink or sprinkling it over a cold food dish. However, consumption methods such as smoking, vaping, or cooking with heat will convert the cannabinoid into THC and stimulate euphoria when consumed.


Typically, hemp flower that contains 10-15% or more THCA is considered to have a “high level” of THCA. While this is a useful rule of thumb, it is crucial to remember that what one person considers a high level of THCA hemp flower may be very different from what another person does. We suggest using your personal experience and preference as the best guideline when choosing high THCA flower for your specific needs and desires.


With many people still getting familiar with THCA flower, we know you may have a few more questions that need answering. To help, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that you may find useful about THCA flower.

What Are the Benefits of THCA Flower?

THCA shows promise in helping with concentration and focus, as well as helping to maintain healthy energy levels. THCA hemp is thought to possess antiemetic properties, which can aid in reducing nausea and vomiting. Moreover, it is a non-psychoactive compound, meaning it doesn’t induce a “high” like THC.

What is the difference between THCa and THC?

Both thca and thc have similar chemical structures, with THCA having an extra carboxyl group. THCA is also rather mundane, as it produces no euphoria in consumers. On the other hand, THC is renowned for its ability to stimulate consumers with elevating euphoria.

Does THCA Show Up on a Drug Test?

Most drug tests check for THC, not THCA. However, there might be a risk of generating a false positive. If you need to take a drug test at some point, it’s best to play it safe and avoid consuming THCA flower for the time being.

How Do I Use THCa Hemp?

You can use THCA hemp in various ways. If you prefer to activate THCA into THC, you can vaporize or smoke the flower using your preferred inhalation method. You can light up the thca  flower by making joints or packing a pipe or bong. Or you can use a dry herb vape for a smokeless experience. Within minutes you’ll feel soaring euphoria that will elevate your mind and body to the next level. Or the easiest way is to use THCA pre-rolls to enjoy the benefits of smoking THCA.

For all the raw benefits of high THCA hemp without the euphoria, you can juice it with other greens and vegetables to make a nutritious drink. You can even use THCA flower as an edible herb sprinkled over your favorite food for a non-euphoric option. You could also soak your THCA Flowers in olive oil for a few days and let it infuse into the oil, which you can then use as a dressing.

If you prefer potent edibles, cook your high THCA flower into foods and confections for a longer-lasting euphoria. There is no shortage of ways to enjoy THCA hemp flower; it all depends on what you want to experience when consuming. Now that, Exhale has launched some new high THCA strains, it’s awesome to try in different ways.

Where to buy THCA Flower For Sale Online?

With the rising trend of thca hemp, numerous brands are introducing THCA products especially thca buds, but Exhale Wellness stands out as the best brand providing high-quality THCA flower with amazing effects.

For customers who want to try something different in THCA than strains, we have launched some amazing vape cartridges offering thca benefits.

What does high thca do?

High THCA hemp is non-intoxicating and does not produce the psychoactive effects associated with THC. The ongoing research reveals that high THCA may be helpful in seeking natural remedies and wellness support. You can enjoy these benefits of thca by consuming thca flower, pre rolls, or through vaping.

What percent of thca is high?

THCA percentages in raw cannabis are typically higher than THC percentages in dried and cured cannabis. Individual preferences and legal regulations play a major role in determining its ratio. However, THC levels above 20% are commonly regarded as high.

What is the best way to consume thca?

Effective THCA consumption depends on personal preference and desired effects. The best way to consume Thca includes Vaping, through devices like vaporizers, offers fast-acting effects without combustion. Smoking high-THCA flowers or concentrates in joints, pipes, or bongs provides a traditional but potentially harmful option.

Is delta 8 stronger than thca?

It’s important to note that Delta-8-THC and THCA have distinct effects, so can’t actually compare these substance. The subjective experience can vary among individuals, and the potency of each compound can be influenced by factors such as dosage, individual tolerance, and consumption method. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider personal preferences and consult with knowledgeable sources to make an informed decision. If you are seeking a product in the realm of Delta-8-THC, then Delta 8 gummies are a popular choice. However, for those who appreciate THCA, customers are increasingly opting for THCA flower.

Is thca legal in all states?

While some states have legalized the recreational and/or medicinal use of THCA, other states maintain stricter regulations. Consult your state’s specific laws and regulations to determine the legal status of THCA and cannabis-related products in your area for a better understanding.

How long does THCA take to work?

When THCA hemp ingested orally in a raw form, it might take a couple of hours to start showing any sort of effect on the body. However, if you consume it in a different way such as in a form of vape it will start working within four to five hours. It is important to consider these factors when picking your thc-a products.

Is THCA safe to smoke? 

The safety of smoking THCA is not well-established or widely studied. THCA itself is considered non-intoxicating and does not produce a “high” when consumed in its raw form.  It’s generally recommended to prioritize safer consumption methods such as vaporization or oral ingestion. People usually prefer thca flower though. If you have concerns about the safety of smoking THCA or any other substance, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional.

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