• Premium THCA Hemp Flower
  • Indica: MAC 1 (22.92%)
  • 100% Naturally Grown
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant

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Born out of a chance crossing of Alien Cookies and a strain known as Miracle, MAC 1 (aka Miracle Alien Cookies 1) regularly tests above 23% THCA. This sought-after strain is a great example of an exotic Indica flower that checks all the boxes hemp enthusiasts look for.

From its sweet, nutty, and gassy flavor profile to its thick covering of shiny trichomes, MAC 1 THCA Flower is a great strain for relaxing without feeling lethargic or couch-locked. The extraordinary appearance, scents, and flavors of MAC 1 are encapsulated in reassuringly dense nugs that fluff up perfectly when placed in a grinder. If you’re looking for a truly delicious experience that can soothe sore muscles without knocking you out, MAC 1 delivers on both fronts. Its unique lineage means that its Indica qualities are accented with a pleasantly chill cerebral effect that keeps it from feeling heavy, so some folks may even enjoy it during the daytime.

Size 4g, 7g, 28g
Quantity: Individual, 2-Pack, 3-Pack

4g, 7g, 28g


Individual, 2-Pack, 3-Pack


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