Curious about those mythical red mushrooms covered in white dots? Amanita muscaria, also known as fly agaric, is a mushroom that has become iconic in all kinds of folklore and pop culture. It’s the supernatural mushroom of choice for the Super Mario video game series. It is the symbol used to represent all “magic” mushrooms as an emoji. The image of Amanita Muscaria is everywhere! Lauded for its mind-expanding qualities, the experience of Amanita muscaria dried mushrooms is special and distinct from that of other psychedelic fungi.

Amanita muscaria sits in a class of its own due to the active compounds within it and how they work. The mushroom has its fans and critics, but we know it can be safely taken if properly prepared and dosed. In fact, many cultures have used Amanita across the globe for hundreds of years! Documented accounts of Amanita muscaria experiences vary wildly, so let’s break down the facts about this misunderstood mushroom and how it can give you the experience of a lifetime!


We always recommend seeking premium quality products, especially when considering Amanita Muscaria. You can eliminate most of the mild risks of consuming Amanita by avoiding raw or fresh mushrooms. In its natural state and habitat, the stem of Amanita can be home to various kinds of larvae, making it unsafe for consumption. It is also impossible to gauge the potency of fresh mushroom caps, whereas prepared and dried Amanita muscaria caps can be lab-tested to determine the number of active compounds.

The two main Amanita compounds measured in testing are muscimol and ibotenic acid. The sought-after cerebral effects of Amanita mostly come from the muscimol content. In contrast, ibotenic acid is a neurotoxin and can be poisonous in extremely high quantities. Don’t worry; properly prepared and dried Amanita muscaria only contain trace amounts of ibotenic acid. These trace amounts of ibotenic acid convert into mind-altering muscimol via digestion. However, consuming an untested, fresh mushroom with high amounts of ibotenic acid could lead to unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects.

For this reason, lab-testing Amanita products is crucial. Knowing the exact amount of muscimol and ibotenic acid in your dried Amanita muscaria products makes it easier to safely enjoy Amanita. It also ensures that your Amanita muscaria products deliver consistent and reliable amounts of muscimol. With all the places advertising Amanita Muscaria for sale, knowing the quality of the source is crucial. Always do your research before purchasing Amanita products for yourself.


At Exhale Wellness, we take pride in producing quality products that are effective, safe, and satisfying. We prepare all our Dried Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Caps and Amanita Gummies to exact quality control standards. This ensures they deliver a consistent and enjoyable experience every time.

We work with mycological experts to source the best quality mushrooms available for our Amanita Muscaria Dried Caps. We dry our Dried Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Caps at the optimal temperature to convert any excess ibotenic acid into muscimol. And our careful extraction process for our Amanita Muscaria gummies eliminates unwanted ibotenic acid and preserves muscimol. We test all our Caps and Gummies for muscimol and ibotenic acid content, so you know you’re getting safe products.


With all there is to learn about Amanita muscaria, you may have more questions about this iconic mushroom. To help, we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions and our answers below.

What Are the Benefits of Amanita Muscaria Dried Mushrooms?

Amanita can be a great tool for anyone interested in personal and spiritual growth through a transcendental euphoric experience. It can help gain new insights and breakthrough creative blocks. Fans of Amanita describe muscimol as having a relaxing, elevating quality that can feel dream-like.

Muscimol is also known for having a more sedating effect than psilocybin, which can feel stimulating to some people. Others found that their most vivid experiences with Amanita came during sleep, where they had detailed and fantastical visions and dreams.

How To Use Dried Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms?

Depending on your preferences, you can enjoy dried Amanita muscaria in various ways. Historically, people have enjoyed dried Amanita muscaria mushroom caps directly or boiled them to make tea.

When taking our caps, start with ⅓ of a small-sized cap (approximately 2g) and gradually increase the dose as needed. We recommend keeping a 3-hour interval between doses. If you prefer to make tea, start with ½ a small-sized cap per cup of tea. As with eating dried Amanita muscaria, wait 3 hours to determine the full effects.

For a more convenient and discreet option, we also offer Amanita Muscaria Gummies. Each juicy gummy contains 5mg of muscimol and natural fruit flavors. If you are new to Amanita, we suggest starting with ½ a gummy and monitoring your mind and body’s response for 3 hours before taking more. Those more familiar with Amanita muscaria can enjoy 1 full gummy per session.

Are Amanita Muscaria Dried Mushrooms Safe?

Yes, dried Amanita muscaria mushrooms are safe to consume when correctly prepared. Various cultures worldwide and throughout the ages have consumed Amanita muscaria for medicinal and spiritual purposes.

For best results and peace of mind, we always recommend buying lab-tested Amanita products and consuming them responsibly. Our Dried Amanita Mushroom Caps and Amanita Gummies come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) confirming their exact contents so you can explore them safely. As with all products, we recommend starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it as you become comfortable with the effects.

Are There Any Side Effects of Amanita Muscaria Dried Mushrooms?

If you overindulge in Amanita, you may experience mild and temporary side effects, such as nausea, gas, salivation, sweating, and sluggishness. You can avoid these by consuming responsibly and following serving suggestions. If any of these side effects occur, simply drink some water and find a comfortable place to rest until they subside.


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